Meet AIT grads and discover how they turned their ideas into a creative career!


Wed 12 & Thurs 13 January 2022

12pm - 3pm (AEDT)

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Join us on Wednesday 12th & Thursday 13th January 2022 and hear how these AIT grads turned their ideas into a creative career they love in Film, Animation, 3D Design, Games and Mobile App Development.

This virtual 2-day event will help you understand what career opportunities there are in the creative industries from the people who have lived it! Our AIT grads will share insights into how they carved out a successful career in the creative industries as well as share tips for navigating higher ed study! Each session will feature a live Q&A and a graduate showcase of their work. 





Passionate about 2D Animation, Film, Games, 3D Modelling or Mobile App Development, or want to learn more about each area of study and where it could take you? We'll also be running info sessions alongside our grads meet and greet so you can hear first-hand from our Course Advisors about our courses. 

2D Animation

Our Lead Educator, Nik demonstrated how a 2D character is animated using industry-standard software, Toon Boom.


Want to learn how Homer Simpson is animated? Our 3D Educator, Adam showed us how it was done using Maya.


Dean showed us how to integrate VFX compositing and sound effects into a single clip to make it WOW!


If Games is your jam, Carlton showed us how to make a terrain using Unreal.


Kriss did a demo of one of the top web development languages.

Check out the line-up of AIT Graduates ⬇️⬇️

Jack O'Shea

From Bachelor of Interactive Media: Games Design to Senior Developer at Red Cartel.
Jack was always intrigued by large scale role-playing games (RPG’s). The sheer scale of these games and the amount of programming he imagined would have gone into them always baffled him and made him want to learn how to make his own game. It was this curiosity that led him to leave his Bachelor of Accounting and study Bachelor of Interactive Media: Games Design at AIT. Jack is now an award-winning Senior Developer at Red Cartel producing games that have won him awards at the Australian Effects & Animation Festival Awards.

Paige Cunningham

From Bachelor of Interactive Media: Film + Video to Digital Content Creator + Film Festival Founder.
In 2019, Paige’s film ‘Wonder’ won her an award for Best Film at AIT's 2019 .Motion Awards in Melbourne for her role as director. Since graduating from AIT’s Bachelor of Interactive Media: Film + Video Paige has worked on multiple films and continued to win awards in Directing, Sound Design and Production Design. Paige is currently one of three creative partners at Untitled Creations, where she produces content for clients across a range of industries. Paige is also the founder of the annual Wellington Youth Film Festival based in Wellington Shire, Victoria.

Nathalia Andrade

From Bachelor of IT: Games Programming to Junior Programmer at Motorsport Games.
When Nathalia moved to Japan at a young age, she became fascinated with technology, particularly games. In 2017, Nathalia decided to realise her dream and study a Bachelor of IT: Games Programming at AIT. During her degree, Nathalia completed an internship at The Studio, where she met Gaele from Outlandish Arts, and was invited to work on a project that will be launched in Feb 2022. In her final term at AIT, Nathalia co-developed a VR game/experience (ColorgizeVR) which was awarded Bronze in the 2021 AEAF awards. In July 2021, Nathalia has recently accepted a job offer from Motorsport Games where she is now a Junior Programmer.

William Partridge

From Bachelor of Interactive Media: 2D Animation to 2D Animator at Cheeky Little.
William has always had a passion to draw. He loves the way animators create emotions in their characters. It was this passion to create that sparked his decision to study a Bachelor of Interactive Media: 2D Animation with AIT. While fine-tuning his skills in the areas of 2D animation, storyboarding, character design and background artistry William received the Dean’s Award and went on to complete an internship with Cheeky Little where he was offered a short paid contract with Poke the Bear Animation. Earlier this year, William successfully completed a screen test as a freelance Junior Animator and is now a full-time Animator with Cheeky Little.

Victor Limsila

From Bachelor of Interactive Media: 2D to Senior 3D Artist at GIRRAPHIC.
Victor has worked and lectured within the 3D & Animation space since graduated from AIT in 2014. After completing a Bachelor of Interactive Media: 2D Animation he realised his passion was for 3D. He has since gone on to work as a 3D Artist for Humense & Psykinetic, before joining CactusCan as a 3D Design Supervisor and now Senior 3D Artist with GIRRAPHIC. Victor has all-round experience in creating 3D design, art direction, project management, 3D asset production and 3D lead content production.



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