Women in STEM
Diploma of IT

Study part-time alongside your existing job and develop the IT skills needed to work in a STEM-related field, (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics)

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What is the Women in STEM Program?

A strategy by the Australian Government to promote women in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) with the aim to increase gender equity in STEM careers and education.

The program encourages women working in paid employment to enrol in a higher education
STEM-related field by offering a grant to both the employer and employee. 

How Many Subjects are in the
Diploma of IT?

You will study 8 subjects part-time at the Academy of Information Technology over the course of 2 years. 

Introduction to Web (INT1012)

Information Systems (CMP1042)

Foundation Programming (CMP1041)

Programming I (PRG1002)

Database Systems (PRG1048)

Introduction to Software Engineering (CMP1043)

Discrete Mathematics (PRG1010)

Programming II (PRG1006)

With a balance of foundational subjects, software-based technical training, and project-based work, our curriculum gives you an in-depth skill-set that is relevant to the demands of industry.

What Languages will be used?

How to code using object-oriented languages such as:





And do you need to know how to use these languages before you start?

No! In this course, we'll teach you from the ground up how to use this industry-standard software.

How much is the grant for this program?

The maximum an employer can receive from the Program is $5000 per year for every employee (student) enrolled in a course.

For the student the grant covers $14,575 of the tuition fees, this leaves a gap of $4,225. You may defer the $4,225 gap through FEE-HELP, subject to meeting the FEE-HELP eligibility criteria. Or, you can pay the gap payment as an up-front payment.

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